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Bees and Wasps

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Bees and wasps treatment

Bees play a very active function in pollinating flowering plants. They are the main type of pollinator in ecosystems that contain flowering plants. Bees will then focus on nectar collection or pollen collection, depending on the need for supply at the moment.


It is estimated that one-third of the human food supply would depend on insect pollination, most of which is done by bees.

It is unfortunate that the bee population has decreased dramatically over the past few years, and if the bee population continues to decrease, many food crops that we depend on in life will become scarce without the bees' operation.

Swarm removal

  1. Swarms are usually found hanging in trees.

  2. A special vac is used to suck the bees into a safe box and removed.

  3. The captured bees are transported to either a bee farm or relocated.


  • Close all windows and doors

  • If anyone has an allergy to bees, keep them away

  • Do not spray the nest with any insecticide

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