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Bed bug control

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Signs of bed bugs

You need to assess how serious the infestation is to prescribe successful bed bug remedies. Tell-tale symptoms can be found when you have a virus in your home:

  1. Bed Insect faecal stains on your sheets and your bedding

  2. Blood spots on bed sheets and pyjamas

  3. Shed Bug skins, exoskeletons and shells

A musty, unpleasant odour can be found in the room if the bug infestation is serious. This fragrance comes from the pores of their smell.

Eradicating bed bugs

Our Part: A special insecticide is sprayed, as defined in the Bed Bug Code Manual. The entire residence (excluding the kitchen) or rooms may be handled either. Treatment areas include chairs, pull-outs, power points, photos, tapestries and borders, floor boards, electricity behind and anywhere else that are considered appropriate.

Your Part Before the Bedbug Treatment:  In hot water and eucalyptus oil, wash any product in wardrobes and closets. Sit in a hot dryer. Hot dryer. Freeze the Laundry if you can't put in a heated dryer. Place your clothes in and out of plastic pouches and wear it for the next 6 weeks. We realise it's tough, but 6 weeks are a positive indication if the little bugs go down. Second therapies may not be appropriate within 4-6 weeks. This causes bugs and eggs in live beds that have risen up to locate an insecticide.

After the Bed Bug Treatment: Bed bugs are predicted to decrease by 50% in the first week for the next 6 weeks. In the coming weeks you will still see and be bitten, but it is going to lessen. If a second medication is still appropriate after 6 weeks or if you see bedbugs.

Bed bug treatment

We apply a chemical application to all infected areas, depending on the level of the infestation in one room or the whole house.

We would recommend that you handle the whole home, if more than one room is affected.

  • Bed frame and slats

  • Mattress

  • Drawers

  • Power points

  • Behind pictures

  • Carpet and edges

  • Floorboards

  • Behind electrical equipment

  • Anywhere deemed necessary

What to expect after bed bug treatment

For the next 6 weeks, bed bugs will decrease.

In the first week you should foresee a 50% drop and in the next two weeks that will begin to decline. It is very common for bedbugs to still see and get bitten and if you happen to get bitten or see bugs after 6 weeks then this is a sign that a follow-up therapy is important.

Don't give us a call for debate, if you are not eaten, but see, see or think that there are bed bugs.

If you haven't trained according to the guidelines above, the odds are far better for second treatment.

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